Friday, June 19, 2009


Up too late again this week, Ah, the joys of stress.

Avery is 6 months old today....
Half a year already?! Time to start planning her Birthday party....I'm thinking of a cupcake reception and rather than gifts for her for people to make love donations to the church or to their favorite charity in her name...
She doesn't need anything, she's spoiled enough as it is...

In other news, I'm not feeling the love here followers, no love at all. My last comment was ages ago! Can we remedy this? And while we're on the are you? Are you well? How's your summer so far?

I'll update better next time, again, it's late and I'm wide awake. I'm just so stressed and currently missing a lot of people and things......

Like these two, my two best guy friends in the world! We had lunch with Ryan last weekend and saw his family but Rusty I haven't seen since I had Avery and he came to the hospital with goodies for us. Miss you bubbas.

Then there's my Mulan and her newlywed Hubby Andy. They are so fun to be around and yet Evan and I hardly see you two face to face.  I hardly know Andy and that just doesn't seem right...You guys rock and makes us smile.

Then of course my brother Jonathon, I haven't seen or talked to him in over a month and he is going through some rough times right now. We've always been super close, he's always been with me until I married Evan and now...I'm lucky if I get to see him at all let alone talk to him. My other siblings I atleast talk to weekly, but not Jonathon.

And Last but not least, I miss being pregnant. NO, we're not planning on having another baby anytime soon but lately, a lot of my friends have become pregnant and I feel so nostalgic over my belly, I loved my pregnancy belly and I felt the most vivacious, attractive and confident about my body image when I was pregnant that I miss that! With Avery being 6 months old now, I just can't believe how time flies...


  1. hey lovey. totally random- you were in my dream last night. it was my birthday party at my old house in texas, and you and avery came. random, i know, but we had a really good time! :) AND i miss my prego belly so much too, i completely understand. xoxo

  2. I miss being pregnant. I've been kind of depressed about my body since having Harper. I know what you mean. Honestly I would be happy to have a baby again soon, but Gavin thinks we should wait and honestly it's probably for the best :D

  3. We miss you guys too!!!! And I feel you on your post about looking for work, I'm right there with you. Just sucks about this time.

    We need to hang out, though. Avery is getting so big! She will be driving before I know it.

  4. Um, this is Rachel, by the way.



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