Friday, March 28, 2014

29 Things I've Learned At 29.

1. Moisturizer is your friend.

2. Age is only a number.

3. As long as you continue to achieve your goals and dreams, it truly doesn't matter how many times you failed. Just that you never gave up.

4. We are our own worst critic.

5. Find something to be passionate about.

6. Laughing at yourself is totally acceptable and quite refreshing.

7. Eating alone at a restaurant is actually not the end of the world, try it.

8. You can not do it all and be everywhere at once, accept that.

9. Gray hair happens.

10.  Some friendships are worth letting go of, it's okay if you grow apart or have nothing in common. Just let it go.

11. If you've never tried something before, don't say you don't like it or would never do it before giving it a try. You may surprise yourself.

12. You don't actually have to make your bed everyday.

13. Read a book.

14. Every once in awhile write someone a little note and actually mail it to them. (You know as in through the post office...using envelopes and a stamp)

15. Do what makes you happy and never regret it!

16. Change is inevitable, how you handle and react to it is key.

17. We all have flaws, don't hide them.

18. A smile can change everything.

19.  Paying it forward feels better than receiving something. Practice random acts of kindness weekly.

20.  Stand by your choices.

21. Save more money.

22.  Stop comparing yourself to others. It's such a waste of time.

23. When the feeling hits you, dance.

24. Dessert before a meal is totally acceptable.

25. Conquer a fear and feel empowered.

26. Everyone has bad days, stuff happens. Just remember there's always a tomorrow.

27.  Get outside more.

28. Naps are good for the soul.

29. There's still so much I have yet to learn. If you don't know about something, don't pretend to. Ask questions and seek facts.

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