Tuesday, March 18, 2014

29 and feeling fine!

I Turned 29 on the 1st. 

Yes, yes, I've finally arrived at the last year in my 20's and I'm totally embracing it with acceptance, grace and love. I honestly do not see the big deal. So many of my friends (husband included) are freaking out about turning 30 and I can assure you I won't be that way.

I say own it. Embrace it, because EVERYONE ages and gets older. It's part of your journey and you can't tell your story if you don't accept and live in EVERY moment and capacity in which it's given.

It was a fun birthday. The high was 80*, the sky was clear and sun was shining. I got my hair cut and colored after a year of waiting, did some clothes shopping for myself (gasp!) and came home to a childhood tradition and two of the sweetest cards a wife and mommy could get!
                    Getting pampered.
My childhood birthday tradition still going strong.

Evan and I decided to keep it low key with just a date night out but it turned into a fun overnight trip. We decided to do/try two things we've never done before. Go against our typical fave local food spots and a movie and just try something different and new.

The results were trying a new restaurant outside of town and driving 30min north to experience our first ever casino. We had so much fun! We had dinner at Horny Toad Cafe www.hornytoadcafe.com

It recently opened at the old Good Eats which was our go to place when we were dating, we even got engaged in the parking lot in front of it!! So we were excited to see the building being used again and even more happy now as we will definitely be going back repeatedly!

After dinner, we drove up to winstar world casino (along with half of North Texas it seemed) and spent 4hrs playing slots, people watching, drinking free sodas and witnessing a man win $35,000 (I kid you not). It was fun and interesting but it was also sad and somewhat depressing watching so many people. I came out +34$ and Evan came out +22$ so not losing money was nice. We drove back to Denton after midnight and checked into a hotel to enjoy a child free night (I.E- a solid night of sleep! Best gift ever mom and dad!)

As ever with Texas weather my beautiful 80* and sunny Saturday turned into 28* and sleet and snow by Sunday morning. We were so glad we didn't get a hotel in Oklahoma or away from Denton as the roads turned bad as we headed to church and were even worse after service. 

Such a nice and mellow ending to my birthday celebration though as we capped off the weekend with hot chocolate, a fire and movies in Pjs with the girls.

Bring on 30, I'm ready!
               Accidental Twinsies


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