Friday, April 19, 2013

3 Months

Alyssa Jane is 3 months old today.

I seriously don't remember time flying by this fast with Avery. I guess since Aly has Avery to look up to she thinks she needs to speed up the baby process and it's showing. She is in such a rush to grow up while I am crying over NB outfits she can no longer wear. Perhaps it's the idea/thought that she's the last of baby-ness I'll have as my own as we're pretty sure we're done procreating since we've done it twice with amazing results. ;)

Some fun factoids on our sweet girl.
*She is a cooing machine, heaven help us when those coos become words.
*She's sleeping through the night! 7-11.5 hrs a night and I am not complaining.
* She has found her feet and loves sticking them in the air for no reason, tonight as she had them up she started wiggling from side to side, she'll be rolling over soon.
* You've never met such a smiley baby.
* We're eating cereal twice a week now, she likes it a lot and doesn't waste any!
*She can high five! (I swear)
*Her hair is falling out more in the back but we know it wont be gone long.

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