Saturday, March 23, 2013

*insert title of substance here*

The weekend is here!

Well....yeah, that about sums it up. The weekend is here, my laundry is done, my kitchen spotless, now just to do the rest of the house. I always find myself not cleaning so much during the week yet when the weekend arrives and I know Evan isn't going to work I suddenly have to clean my house. Never fails.

Nothing else to really blog about. I mean I think of things that in my mind sounds so awesome and perfectly structured for the most epic blog entry ever! Then I get that free time which is so rare to me these days, sit here and am blank.

Let's see, summed up month so far....

Evan turned 29 on the 14th (go easy on him, he's upset about being almost 30). Since he took off for my birthday earlier this month he had to work but the girls and I brought him Texas Roadhouse for dinner and we had a picnic in the back of the car in the Peterbilt parking lot, awesome right? Yes, I try.

Avery, deciding since she was a big sister she needed something to show her age. So off to the salon we went where she requested she get her hair "Just like mommy" and I sat in slightly teary-eyed bliss and sadness as she said goodbye to a good 3 inches of ratty, unmanageable, pain in my patience hair and hello to a cute shoulder length do. I love it and so does she and now, all I do is brush it and she's good to go. How else did she decide to show us she's a awesome big sister? She decided (after a chat about me no longer buying them) it was time to no longer need that 1 pull-up a day for #2. Yes, we are officially into our 2nd week of NO PULL-UPS. Which means, we have mastered potty training!!!!!!! (parents of the world rejoice with me.)

Evan and I are so proud and excited for her. We celebrated with ice cream (well, I watched them enjoy ice cream) and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Alyssa is thriving. 2 months old already. Gah, time needs to knock it off. She looks more and more like me everyday! She's also sleeping longer in the night. She usually goes down around 11 and will wake up to eat and be changed around 4-5:30 then will go back to sleep until 8 or 9am. I'm so okay with this! She looked so cute on St. Patty's day but of course I forgot to get pics until she was changed and down for her afternoon nap. We even mached a bit. :( I have got to do better about picture taking. Especially of her and Avery together as well as mommy pics. I do exsist, I swear. I just happen to take far better pics than Evan. Easter! Easter, they have matching dresses so I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

And with that, my rare moment of free time is now over. Off to do something.....probably clean, because, sleep is over food.....sitting down for long periods of time, etc.


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