Sunday, April 21, 2013

For Every Season, For Every Reason..

So much sadness in the news this past week, just makes you want to hold your family closer and be Thankful for all you have and more. I have a sweet friend, Laura, who was in Boston supporting a friend who was running in the marathon. I remember when I saw the news of the blast, my heart sank and I got chills thinking "Laura is THERE!" checked Facebook where not even an hour prior she checked in at the finish line and proceeded to panic as I txted her and a few mutual friends hoping someone had heard from her. The more the news ran, the more the images were played, I just wanted to cry. Since Avery and Alyssa were up and about I didn't have the TV on much that day but watched that night waiting for Evan to come home and just praying....praying for those injured, the first responders, those who witnessed it all, the families affected, the Dr's and Nurses...

Thankfully, Laura and her friend were about a block and a half away on their way back to their hotel as her friend had finished the race around the 3:40 mark. Had it been a half hour earlier Laura would have no doubt been one of the hundred+ injured on the sidelines.

Then you add the horrible blast in West. I can honestly say that for many KNOW West. It may be a small community, but you've stopped at least once at the Kolache shop for some amazing kolaches and desserts or you've eaten at the Czech cafe downtown. I have hundreds of memories in that town on my way to Austin 2-4 times a year since I was 5! Seeing the out pour of donations, blood drives and overall community of everyone in the area helping this small farming town is amazing. Naturally it's always how it works though, unity and strength in times of need in our country. Texas is also just known to have a different set of values and creed so to speak.

Praying for our state and our Nation this week. Too much hurt in such a short span of time and there's other news stories out about other things just as sad in other states and communities it's never ending. Be kind to one another and practice good works folks, humanity seems to be decaying slowly.

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