Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vacation Time!

It's finally here...VACATION!!!

We head to Portland in the morning and I am so excited. I'm also trying my hardest not to stress out about everything. Averys never flown before, Evan doesn't like flying, yeah....this will be exciting.

I'm pretty sure I've packed more distractions for Avery than clothes. Our carry ons are all about keeping her happy and occupied for the 4 hours we're in the air. I know, I know.

We've never gone on a vacation with just the 3 of us, call it being spoiled but the Hartfields tend to keep it all in the family for vacations and I LOVE that about us. I also have been ready for a vacation of just us since Avery was born though and even though this trip is still Hartfield based since we're going to visit Jarrod and Sarah it's got so many "first" moments prepared for Avery and us.

Now if only I had a working camera for this trip...*sigh* here's hoping Jarrod is on it for pictures, I want to share all these memories about to be made with you guys and gals. :)

See ya next week,

Sometimes you just have to let your inner kid have the spot light.

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