Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today was just one of those days that I wish would never end.

3 days of church with such an AMAZING church family and a pastor who truly is just...well, he is amazing too. I feel so full spiritually and not just because of the last 3 days. Since the church merge in January I have been overjoyed for Sundays again. Not going to do a "Plug" or push anyone onto my church but if your interested, Click Here.

Easter was a bit un-traditional for us this year. We went to last nights service since Nan, Gary and I were doing nursery duty for the 9am service today. Evan and Avery stayed home which was good since around 4:30am Avery walked into our room stuffy and congested and wanted to be cuddled, all signs of bad allergies or a cold. I finally got kicked out of bed at 6:30 and made the best of it while my two loves had a snoring contest (she is her fathers daughter). Got home from church around 11 to find her like this!!!
Poor baby looked like she got in a fist fight. Her left eye was so swollen and gunky and it wasn't like that when I left for church, it came on super fast! She was miserable and just wanted to curl up with her blanket and not be bothered. :(  Luckily though Nina and Pawpa picked up some allergy drops on their way over for lunch and it fixed her up quick!

The rest of the day was full of food, candy, family and dare I say it, I even got a NAP! Hello! That never happens. I think all the afternoon rain and the food coma was just the perfect Sunday mix to knock me out on the couch. :)

Nice end to a holiday weekend. Although I'm off tomorrow, this week will be BUSY BUSY with Megan's wedding on Saturday, rehearsals on Friday and a ton of stuff in between. Add family in town and shelter duties...whew! I might also mention the bridesmaid dress I ordered in JANUARY is still not here, so no stress or anything....

Then a week of NOTHING (so looking forward to that) and then the following week we fly out to PORTLAND to visit Jarrod & Sarah. I am soooo stoked about this trip. Avery's first flight and my first trip to Oregon. Evan is not too keen on flying so it'll be interesting to see how I manage Avery and him if she doesn't do well, but let's admit it, my kid is awesome. :)

Since I am so horrible lately with posting I'll also add Avery's Bluebonnet pics from last week. Seriously, Sarah Null is so amazing at what she does and is a wonderful woman and sister in Christ, I met her YEARS ago before Evan and I were married and had Avery the day before she married a schoolmate or ours.( I was dress shopping for her wedding when I went into labor!) Check out her FB page as well as her website and if your in the North Texas area, use her!!!

Yeah, I know.


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