Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Titles are Lame.

Yeah, sitting here trying to figure out a title for this entry was like going to the dentist. Not even sure I want to open the can of worms that has been my week but you know, I can't keep things bottled up for too long....


Since moving back to Denton it has been no secret that I have gained a little weight. What with Evan working nights, I no longer cook like I did in Fort Worth. Add that I babysit in the afternoons, it's just so easy for me to pick something up for Avery and I for dinner.

Add that, my lack in running the past month (thanks ridiculous heat) and some health issues and you get.....15lbs. I'm aware that may not seem like a lot but when you consider that I've had a child and am no longer 18-21 or that I've been overweight by about 10 pounds since I was 16 the weight is very much noticeable in areas I've never had to worry about before. Add a few things said to me by people in a very hurtful way and well....I can't avoid it with t-shirts and running shorts anymore.

Time for a change.

SO....I'm considering a new blog all about my weight-loss/ Healthy living process and perhaps, if I can figure out how to add a tab on my blog, I may just put it all there. Still in debate.

After Mondays horrible revelation on a number of levels. I cried it out over 48hrs, had a fit of denial, texted a few VIP ladies, went into a pity party, got mad and finally took a good, long and honest look at myself then made up my mind. GOODBYE YOU, HELLO ME! I'm making a change for me. I'm doing it for my confidence, my self-worth, my health and ultimately for my family. Start a chain reaction so to speak.

So here's a few things I've decided on and have already written out for my big over-haul this weekend.
  • Join a Gym (Done today)
  • Meet with a personal trainer for an assessment (Tomorrow at 11am)
  • Start a calorie counter app (Myfitnesspal on the iPhone, LOVE!)
  • Say goodbye to Sodas except 1 on Saturdays
  • Cut out red-meat
  • Run at least 4 days a week
  • Cook dinner and lunch, no more eating out unless on special occassions or with family on Sundays.
  • Set a goal weight (but a realistic, healthy one)
  • Get a friend to join in Zumba or some other class. (have one)
  • Go through closet and get rid of articles with over 4 years of wear.
  • Buy more organic.
  • Buy more health concsious snacks and food rather than junk.
  • Enforce good eating habits, hardcore. (My toddler is super picky!)

Seems like a good start so far, right?

I'll be starting my new tab or new blog this saturday. And I warn you, it'll be REAL honest. I'm not going to hold back at all about anything in regard to myself and my journey. I may throw in some healthy tips and recepies along the way.




  1. You can do it! Joining a gym is highly motivating because you feel the need to get your money's worth. I gained about 10 pounds when we moved here and I went back on night shift. The key to me getting back to normal was:

    1. Really focusing on a bedtime routine and consistently getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

    2. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. This was the BIGGEST thing. Try to really get in 5-6 servings a day. It's harder than it sounds.

    3. Aerobics are GREAT for burning calories, but strength training really balances it out. You carry your current weight better when you're stronger and Ross can always tell when I've been lifting weight by my attitude... he says I'm more confident. I'm sure your personal trainer will help with that. It's important to find a routine that challenges you but doesn't overwhelm you and take forever to complete.

    WHEW. I'm so bossy. I just want the people I love to love themselves, though. You're so beautiful inside and out. I love you and miss you like crazy!

  2. I agree Fruits and Veggies are a big helper...they fill you up. Cut out the sugar'll feel 100 times better with out it. That's my 2 cents.

  3. Whooo, gooooooo Brittnye! I've been packing on the pounds, too, though I feel better after having left my stressful job.

    I love all your goals.

    Just let go. Let go of all the bad feelings you might have about yourself, your body, your life, or anything like that, and replace them with good feelings. Celebrate every time you go the gym. Give yourself a high five when you choose the fruit over the chocolate. If you eat the chocolate anyway, that's okay, too. Celebrate that you didn't eat the WHOLE pan of brownies (guilty!) . . . . there is always something to be proud of.

    You go!



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