Friday, August 5, 2011

This week seems to have been a big blur. I doubt I have ever spent so much time at home this entire Summer. Keep in mind though with 106* being the average temp this week, I had little desire to leave home to do anything while my home is nice and cool.

I am slowly getting more determined to clear out all the lingering boxes in our bedroom and dining room. They just annoy me to no end, then again I have no room to put anything up so I'm in a pickle. I have also come to the conclusion that I hate Averys room as far as the painting. I want to re-paint it so bad and do something fun and free-styled over a Avery-free weekend. I'm also planning on doing something with our mantle, the oh so traditional display of Family photos is charming and all but.....I want something not so common. (Must find a DIY project to do for this)

I also seem to use the word Planning and planned too much. I'm ready to bust out some projects. Here's my "Project To-Do List" that I have decided will be done before September 1st.
  • Paint a quad piece for baby Gabriel's nursery.
  • Empty all boxes from bedroom.
  • Mantle Project.
  • Go through Averys closet and get rid of all items no longer fitable.
  • Re-Paint Averys Room.
  • Get back windshield replaced in Truck.
  • Find living room rug.

Yeah, that should do it.......

I also managed to do something utterly stupid this week. I managed to set our microwave on fire! Yep, the one appliance I use daily and have loved since we got it as a wedding present and I killed it. Murdered it as Evan jokes. I was reheating a baked potato for Evans lunch and rather than 3minutes, I set it for 30minutes and only realized it after the smell and smoke came into the living room where the 3 of us were playing with puzzles. *sigh* My house still has that lingering smoke smell to it. Thankfully my Mother-in love has an extra one in the storage unit we already have to go through this weekend when we hunt down a missing Avery, dining room and linen box that were left behind somehow.

Nothing much to report other than that. I plan on doing something productive the next few days, tired of sitting around.

What's that you say? Where's pictures of Avery? Have no fear, I'll share a few of the cuppycake since I know she's the only reason I have readers to begin with. Be safe and keep cool sweet friends.


Oh, Hello!

Just being cute.

Oh Noooooo

My Pretty Girl.

Isn't my dress from Portland Amazing?!

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