Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happiness from the iPhone

Today was byfar a stressful day, nothing a dollop of whip cream on a piece of lemon pie can't soothe out but still..... Glad it's almost over. My iPhone is my mini laptop for a little longer but I am so excited I can blog with it and stay faithful to reading the ones I enjoy so much. I just finished reading my beautiful friends entry on 100 things that make her Happy and thought it was such a wonderful idea to do and I know it'll brighten my stressful day so here I go. (and in no particular order)

Top 100 Things That Make Me Happy.

100. Anything that smells like Lavender.
99. Wine.
98. A made bed.
97. Fresh laundry.
96. My sweet in-loves.
95. Making new friends.
94. Austin, Texas
93. Starry nights.
92. The smell of fresh cut grass.
91. Painting.
90. Sewing.
89. Therese Dansby
88. Central Market
87. My Husband, Evan.
86. Indie music.
85. Singing.
84. Baking.
83. Random goodies at my door.
82. Farmers Markets.
81. My church family.
80. Old houses.
79. A good quiet time.
78. Running into old friends.
77. Someone playing with my hair.
76. Pregnant women.
75. Good conversations.
74. Josh Groban.
73. Hosting get-togethers.
72. Sappy movies.
71. A good rainstorm.
70. Hot bubble baths.
69. Camping in NM.
68. Being a Mommy.
67. Lake Ray Roberts.
66. Paris & Gus
65. The Czech Stop in West, Tx.
64. Reading in bed.
63. Texas weather.
62. Memories of my great-grandparents.
61. My new house!
60. Personal e-mails.
59. A clean house.
58. My beautiful daughter, Avery.
57. Sam Moon.
56. Snail-mail.
55. Watching Evan and Avery play together.
54. Scentsy fragrance in Autumn Sunset!
53. A glass of Sweet tea.
52. Hazelnut coffee.
51. Denton, Tx
50. Gardening.
49. Averys belly laughs.
48. The smell of old books.
47. Being crafty.
46. Running.
45. History.
44. Laying in the sunshine.
43. Old hymnals.
42. Playing xbox (weird, I know)
41. Scenic routes.
40. Thrift shopping.
39. Coffee shops.
38. Going to the movies.
37. People watching.
36. Mumford and sons
35. Stories with Happy endings.
34. Date nights!
33. Hugs that linger.
32. Sushi.
31. Dancing in my underwear.
30. Being with a group of people and worshipping.
29. Decor magazines.
28. A pair of sexy shoes.
27. Cuddling with my daughter.
26. Black and white photos.
25. Laying on the couch in comfy pjs.
24. Road trips.
23. Girls nights.
22. All things Jane Austen.
21. Beth Maries ice cream.
20. Blogging.
19. Ikea.
18. Florence and the machine.
17. Fruit new recipes.
16. Colorful sunsets.
15. Panera bread.
14. My family.
13. Random acts of kindness.
12. Disney movies.
11. Sleeperstar!!!
10. Volunteering.
09. Playing with make-up.
08. Accents.
07. Sleeping in.
06. IBC Rootbeer.
05. Taco Bueno.
04. Praying.
03. Makin people Happy.
02. Manicures and pedicures.
01. YOU.



  1. You make my heart sing. Seriously, I'm so bad at keeping in touch and it warms my heart that you're able to look past that and realize that I, too, still consider you a best friend. You make me happy!



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