Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventure is out there!

Lately we've been watching the movie "Up!" about twice a day, or as Avery calls it "Afternoon, afternoon!". I must say, it's just one of those movies you really don't mind watching over and over again. I even find myself catching new lines or new details when watching it lately and the cute way Avery gets glued to it and giggles and quotes it just makes my heart sing.

I've taken on this new attitude as many of my readers and even real life friends have commented on and I must say that for the past 8 months of me claiming "This is the year of change for the Hartfield family" it seems it truly is all happening on a number of levels.

Evan has his job, I have our new home and making it a place to have fellowship, and Avery has new interests and play mates to indulge in while growing at an alarming rate of speed that her parents wish would decrease a bit.

I started jogging again, and although I berated myself almost daily when I stopped because of how happy I was getting with it and how good I seemed, I am struggling with this renewl of my regime. I am still at the part where it's a chore and to make matters worse my timing (Not that I ever focused on that too much) is horrible and my body refuses to relax and just go with it. I went 2.1 miles Sunday only running for 2 of the 37 minutes which is NOT good and my hips and legs have let me have it since. Yesterday I did a mile in 23 minutes but again, only ran maybe a minute of that! Then tonight, I went to the gym for the 2nd time in my life and thought I would fall off the treadmill from how tense both my calves were at only a 2.3 pace and 5 minutes into a 20 minute workout. I wanted to quit, come back home and just go to bed miserable as my mood was but I sat my bottom on a bike and figured "you have 2 options, which will make you feel better with yourself in the end?" and started pedaling....

The first 10 minutes I was literally cringing with how tense my lower half was, drank some water, wiped off my liter of sweat and then accidentally reset the time and stats! (ARGH) I started again and lo and behold, my lower half relaxed instantly and went numb and I spent a 20 minute pace that I haven't seen in 9 months! I loved that bike, I loved how I felt! Nothing hurts like it has the past 3 days (Although we'll see how I am when I get up in the morning) and I could have kept going. I think when I go back I'll use the bike for 20 minutes before I get on the treadmill, maybe if I warm up with that my lower half will be loose and ready to harder. My new goal (Since I must be realistic here) is to run 2 minutes nonstop and to work on my breathing.

That's just part of the adventure though, right?


  1. Good for you! Like I say, ANYthing is better than nothing. And pace doesn't matter! 2 minutes is a great goal-- slow and steady sticks with it for the long haul.

  2. Atta girl! I'm right there with you, getting back into it. Winter killed our running pattern, despite that we got a gym membership. I felt like I started from nothing again the last time we went running outside.

  3. I agree with Therese - slow and steady is a great thing! When I really started running this past summer, I had to make sure I was giving myself realistic goals and it worked. Just a bit at a time, at your own pace and then you'll know to push a bit harder. Good luck!



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