Saturday, September 25, 2010

TMI for all non-parents but I'm a proud momma!

I was so busy with getting ready for Laps for Little Ones that I totally forgot to mention how we officially started...POTTY TRAINING...Yes, potty training has begun thanks to Avery being very insistent that she can use her "potty" like a big girl.

I think Evan and I should have really thought out what she would do when we showed her the princess potty seat her aunt Desi sent her for Valentine's Day this year a few weeks ago (It's been hidden in the towel closet since Feb.)  a week after Evan took it out of the packaging and showed Avery how it went on the toilet she decided to bring it to me along with her diaper in her hand and announce "I Potty?". Now, my first thought was "where did you potty?" and began an odd search of my  floors for any puddles she may have left me as clues but she kept saying behind my back in each room "I potty?" so I stopped and just nonchalantly asked her "Do you want to go potty like a big girl?" and in the usual Avery shocker way she turned and ran to the bathroom and put the potty seat on the toilet and waited for me to give her a lift.

Why does she have to be so dang smart? I'm totally not ready to potty train her and I was sure we could hold off for a few more months but daughter has yet again taken the lead and surpassed her father and I's plans for her. We sat in the bathroom for a few minutes and she finally wanted down and the rest of our Monday was spent with me asking her every hour or so if she wanted to sit on the potty. By the end of the day she had successfully went tee-tee in the big girl potty!!!! So of course I snapped a picture...I am after all THAT mom.

We're now on week 2 and so far I have convinced her not to take off her diaper on her own (stickers are a WONDERFUL incentive) and we have gone tee-tee several times in the potty. She has 2 books by her potty seat ready when she is and she is even starting to tell Evan and I when she is "shooey" or asks for a diaper which is very new for her. We've yet to go "shooey" in the potty because Avery is terrified to do that in the big girl potty. She kept telling Evan she was shooey and grunting like she needed to but when he would put her on the potty she would cry and cling to him and repeat "no, no, no" as soon as she was put off the potty she would go shooey...we're not going to rush that, especially since I wasn't ready to start this process until December!

Any advice out there for the masters of the potty? I'm thinking about starting her in training pants at home next week and letting her choose if she want to wear a diaper or pull up when we go out. I'm not ready for panties(just at home) yet because she has shown no interest in them and again, I do not want to rush this process. She's doing good now at her own pace and since she started this I think I like going it her way.

Sorry for the TMI-ness but I'm a mom, it's what I do 24/7 and the little things get me excited and sad all at the same time. Plus, my week was very bad and this was the highlight so you can see where this blog could have gone. :)

Have a GREAT week, go outside, enjoy the FALL weather and be Happy!
Blessings & Love,
Britt & Co.

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  1. Yay Avery!! :D

    Isn't it crazy when they decide to do this on their own? It took for-ev-ah for our boy to decide to potty-train, but when he finally realized he could do something his sister couldn't, not only did he get trained really quickly, but he lorded it over her in his tiny way.

    Weeelll, sissy decided that she wasn't going to be outdone by her brother and was trained TWO WEEKS LATER. She did it all herself.

    It was crazy.

    I so get the thing about trying to teach them not to take their diaper off on their own. Sissy was the most curious of the two, and I won't share those cleaning horror stories with you...the carpet was never the same.

    And the other hard thing for Sissy to understand is that she CANNOT stand up like Bubby. So it was "yay for going potty! yay for sitting like mommy!"

    Yeesh. The things you DON'T think you'll have to teach your kids. ;D



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