Saturday, September 18, 2010

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It's 1:35AM and I should be asleep like the majority of Texas is right now and yet...I'm wide awake. Not a good thing considering in 6 hours I'll be getting myself and Evan up and ready for our very first Fun Run at UNT. I know this is not a competitive run or even a simple 5k but for's just up there on a number of levels for me...

This is the start of goals I am achieving with my training to run a 5k. I've actually stuck with something for once and the feeling is totally worth some bad days and tears while panting up a street thinking I am insane or close to death for passerbys to laugh at and witness . THIS IS BIG FOR ME. I mean, not to toot my own negative self image horn here folks, but I never stick to a plan of action when it comes to bettering myself...I wimp out a LOT, I find reasons to give up and my goal ends up being a tub of ice cream and a week of "well, I failed again, go me!" Not to mention that as a mom, I hardly allow any time for myself (which a lot of moms are guitly of).

Todays event is also special to me. I posted in an earlier blog about The Little Light House-Denton and how incredible this program is and how it touches my heart. Mary (the director) is wonderful and she's very passionate about this program and all it offers to our community as well as the families of these sweet children. I watch these children interact in chapel with our MDO program, I see thier smiles during outside play, I hear their laughter from the hallway and occassionally get a wave as I walk by them, I've even spoken to some of the parents and am in awe of their stories. What sweet blessings God gives us.

I'm so excited to watch them do their victory laps today (some in costume). I'm excited to get my first t-shirt (new addiction alert!). I'm excited that my husband will be by my side in what looks likely to become a growing trend in my running regime. I'm excited to be able to say I didn't quit. I'm excited to put my saturday morning to a good use other than sleeping in. I'm excited about the happiness today will bring. I'm excited.

Hence why I can't sleep......

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