Saturday, September 18, 2010

The First Shirt is the coolest.....

I warned about the new addiction in my earlier post and well....Evan and I have caught the bug.

The T-shirt race shirt bug that is!!

Laps for little ones was wonderful. Evan did 12 laps in 44 minutes while I stopped at 11 laps at around 42 minutes. Of my 11 I ran 4!!! Um, yeah, that's a mile! whoo hoo. I admit I was very timid to run furthur due to how hot is was outside. Usually my saturday runs are done at 6:30am before the sun is up and it's not nearly so steamy, I also didn't run much this week (be honest Britt, you walked all week). So I was not ready to just run the entire thing like a crazed person. Still, for my first running/walking event....I totally did better than I gave myself credit for and Evan...well he's hooked with me now!

Leaving Fouts Field and ready for more. (I like the sweat patches on his shirt..)

Nan & Gary brought Avery as Evan and I finished our last lap, it was so cute watching Avery run beside us around the final lap and get excited when we swung her in the air and carried her to the last step. She was a sight for some tired eyes.

I forgot to charge my camera so I only got 2 pictures of the entire morning. BOO. I wish I could share with you all the the mental pictures I have of the kiddos doing their victory laps, their theme was "Under the Big Tent" and they were dressed up as a Lion, Tiger, Animal Handler and a Princess. I started crying as soon as I saw little Owen dressed as a Lion being pushed on his bike by his mom to the finish line. And cheered for Liam as he sped past Evan and I in his electric wheelchair wearing a smile and a superman shirt with a bright pinwheel spinning in the breeze. Or even how Natalies family helped keep us motivated in their bright orange "Team Natalie" t-shirts every lap of the way. It was a good turn out today and I can't wait for next years event.

Oh and I must also add how the oh so wonderful Lisa Smith was there and signed the National Anthem as well as a song for us. What a joyful spirit she has! I have seen her at Women of Faith, Denton Bible and at a few other area events and she is just amazing and always smiling and happy and just loves what she does for the lord.

I'm pretty sure Evan and I will now be training for the Speedway 5k next and it will become our official first 5k. Nov. 13th seems pretty close suddenly. Eek!

I'll close for now. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday.
Love & Blessings,
Britt & Co.

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