Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer time is here.

June is already in full swing and so goes our summer break. I must say the first two weeks were rough as I woke up and packed Avery's lunch then woke her up only to remember that schools over! She wasn't happy about that either as she dearly loves her school as well as her friends, so adjusting to no longer seeing them as much and not having school was hard to handle. I think we're over that hardship though as now she continues to write and draw me pictures and stories about her new friends at her new school. 9 weeks to go....

We've grilled a lot, slept in a lot, had a few play dates
Avery and her BFFS (Anna & Sophia)

A fun day at the Dallas world Aquarium

We went to the movies and yesterday finally busted out the swimsuits on a low key Fathers Day.

   It's officially summer. Nothing big planned like last year (thankfully). We have VBS in 3wks, then a girls road trip to Georgia the week after that and possibly a trip to Galveston for a fun weekend but we may bypass that for a stay-cation.

Otherwise I don't have much to update on, which is weird. 

What are fun things you do in the summer time?


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