Friday, May 16, 2014

How Do You Measure A Year?

It's official.


I should be asleep with the rest of the house but the entirety of today's events have caught up to me. My feet are killing me, my back aches and I've been weepy and crying off and on since 9pm. Oh the joys of being a mom. We won't even discuss the sink full of dirty dishes or the three loads of laundry awaiting me...

Tonight, we celebrated Avery's graduation from Pre-K. Yep, she graduated. 
The whole day was devoted to making her feel special and celebrating this milestone. For me, keeping busy was a much needed distraction.


 Is it weird to be so hung up over her heading to kindergarten? I feel justified as the other moms in her PreK class have expressed similar joy and sorrow but for some reason I didn't really cry about it until tonight, after all was said and done. Something about seeing pictures and video of her make her way across the stage struck me but the ultimate ruination of my emotions was a simple video clip of her sitting on stage and a huge smile beaming across her face as she looks towards the crowd, spots me and shouts "Hi Mommy!" And waves this adorable bashful and proud wave...

My. Total. Undoing.

Evan literally sat up and asked "Are you really crying?! Over that?!" I couldn't help it. It was such a sweet moment captured of both her independence of graduating PreK and heading to kindergarten yet her innocence of still needing me.

As she walked across the stage to accept her diploma they also bestowed her spirit gift to which she was awarded the gift of Joy. I wish I could remember word for word how they described her and how she fit that so perfectly because everything they spoke of her, was her spot on. You could totally see it in her presence on stage! From the way she half skipped across stage, how she sat in her seat, the way she clapped for each and every friend, how she smiled brightly and waved to people in the crowd...all of it...joyful. Avery.

We are so proud of her. It's been an amazing two years at Kidzone Academy and two years before that as MSBC All Stars Learning Center. She has been going to this place since before she was even born! I think that's the most bittersweet part of this chapter closing. 

We've been so blessed for so long by our church and the school. The teachers and staff are also friends and family! They've supported us, prayed with us, hugged and cried with us and have loved Avery as there own since day one. To go there 4 days a week to now just 2 will be a huge change in our routine but thankfully we have Sunday school and Awana. Not only that, but Alyssa will start at Kidzone in September and a new chapter with a different star will begin!

For now though, we are relishing our final week at Kidzone and preparing for August where new adventures and new beginnings await....

Time Flies....

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