Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy "I Love You" Day.

I'm very mixed with today.
 I don't ask for anything which drives Evan crazy. I do not care for Flowers or Chocolate but I do expect at least a card and something sweet.  Evan used to make Valentines a HUGE thing but the last few years he's slacked and now...he's trying to make it like he used to and in the end you get a frustrated wife and sad/guilty husband.

Today during lunch after being annoyed with how weird Evan was acting I told him today wasn't Valentine's Day and that since it wasn't Valentine's day, he could act normal and go back to being my sweet husband and enjoy our Tuesday lunch date like it was any other Tuesday. So he did, and we had a really good day together before we picked up our true Valentine from MDO.

I did get a sweet card and as well as a gift card to Cheesecake factory. :)

I just hate the idea that people go out of their way to show someone they love them simply because a calendar date says to! If you love someone you should show them daily with your words and actions from the heart. Why can't my husband buy me flowers on any other day besides 2/14? Where does it say I wouldn't like a piece of candy in July? Or even that it has to be for a reason?

So there's that. I do hope everyone has a sweet and lovoly Valentine's Day with their loved ones. I just also hope that you share this same hype during the rest of the year as well.

I'm off to spend the evening with these 2 crazy kids...


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