Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date Night!

UGH. I wrote a really neat entry last night and then it never saved!! I hate that.

I just wanted to share a updated picture of Evan and Avery. Since we lived in Fort Worth Evan used to take Avery on Daddy/Daughter dates every Thursday night. I loved having a few hours to myself every week but since we moved back to Denton and Evan works the night shift, date nights got put on hold.

So when Evan handed me a receipt for a reservation at Chickfila for Saturday night I was kinda confused...until I read that it was for his table for their daddy/daughter date night. Apparently when I took Avery on a date 2 weeks ago for doing good with potty training, that upset Evan. He felt like he needed to find the time to take his girl on a dates again. So I did Averys hair and she picked out her outfit to wear and off they went.

They had dinner at Chickfila and then daddy took her to Mardel where she got 2 new Veggietale movies (turns out we don't own them all yet!)

And what did I do? I went to MovieTavern and ate dinner while watching a movie. Not too bad at all for mommy time. :)

Happy Sunday,

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