Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Life is busy.

December usually is, I know, but still...WHEW.

As we speak my sister and sweet baby niece are on a plane from North Carolina headed to DFW. Avery and I are excited to pick them up although not in this rain we're currently having but meh. It's going to be so weird having a baby in the house. Glad I kept Averys infant car seat and pack n' play!

Then tomorrow Avery has her class Christmas party and I'll be bringing cupcakes to celebrate her birthday as well. Friday I'll be in NM with Gary for the day, Saturday is prepping for Averys birthday family dinner and last minute Christmas shopping, Sunday is church followed by a lunch to celebrate Avery. Monday is her 3rd birthday and we're treating a few friends kids to free Chuck E. Cheese for a bit but it's not a party. Then a few days to pack and organize for our trip to NM and CO. Then I take Desi to Austin to be with her dad, Avery goes to NM with her Nina, Pawpa and Great Oma while Evan has to work the 23rd (boo) then Evan and I will be getting on the road for NM around 12:30am on Christmas Eve.

Again WHEW.

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