Sunday, December 4, 2011


Baby, it's cold outside!

For Texas, That's huge! Been raining the last 2 days here and with it the temps have dropped, not that I'm complaining. We stocked up on S'more makings and have plenty of firewood on standby for nights like this, I bought and enjoyed my first eggnog of the season, Christmas movies and music are on a lot and Evan and I jokingly say this is to prepare us for our trip in 2 weeks when we're in a log cabin in the New Mexico mountains surrounded by snow.

Have I mentioned how excited we are? Probably, yeah, I thought so....

I still feel like I have a million things to do for this trip and I am trying not to go into panic mode. I know that where we are staying has been getting snow since late October! This weekend alone they received 5-8 inches. So now I'm freaking out thinking how I may need to buy Avery some more pants and thermals and a heavier coat so she can play in it and not get wet. Alas, I'm a TEXAN we don't know how to dress for Snow that actually accumulates and sticks for more than a day or two!

I'll be driving with Gary to Clayton, NM on the 16th to pick up his mom who lives in Denver. I love road trips and even though it's 8 hours in a car only to turn around and drive 8 hours back...I'm totally excited about it. Again, I say this and yet a week from the day we'll be doing the exact same drive only add an hour. Pretty much every destination on this trip from point A to B to C to D is average 8 hours and we're making the perfect square on the map. :)

 I just hope Avery will do okay being in the car so much. We have a DVD player and she will have the new leapfrog explorer (A Birthday gift she'll be getting) and we have a TON of Disney audio books to play. Plus side is, we're not in any rush so Evan has mentioned that if we get too wound up we'll just crash at a motel and continue on the next day because this is a vacation and vacations shouldn't be timed to the minute. Again, we're pretty excited.

I still have a few more gifts to make/purchase but so far, I seem to be ahead of the game. I think anyway....

How about you? Anything happening over the holidays you are excited about?

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  1. We are driving up to Illinois for Christmas with Mark's fam...that will be a 12 hour, one day drive. Not looking forward to that part! Enjoy your travelling holiday and be safe!



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