Friday, January 15, 2010

Well whaadya know....I lived.

I somehow managed 7 days without a cell phone or internet *insert gasp*. I know, how much of a trooper am I? The phone will still be off until next week and frankly, I'm getting okay with that...the quiet I have gotten  has been nice. The internet part was needed because I realized last week that I spend WAY too much time on FB and often not enough time with my family. So, I didn't check my email, or google things, blog, update statuses, tweet or read gossip and guess what....

I had a wonderful week.

I also found that my sweet daughter is amazing and we have a lot of fun together when mommy isn't constantly going for her phone. I also took time in my day and planned dinner out and cooked nice healthy meals, I went on a few walks with Avery, I cleaned my house (repeatedly, I DO have a 1 year old), I picked up a few books, I hung out with my husband (yeah thats right, hung out) and I even took naps!

This week I also watched a documentary on KERA World about these amazing people who sing together. I watched it 3 times throughout the week actually, and I cried eveytime and was in awe of there Vivaciousness so to speak and on how simplistic they were about life and what makes it a wonderful thing. It got my head spinning and I have to say it doesn't take much if you follow their way of thinking.

Check out their website:

I have to say that if I ever get to live to be 92, I want to be just like Eileen Hall . She had the best sense of humor and was quick witted and loved everything to the fullest. When I went to their website I couldn't find her on the updated roster since the film was from 2007 so I'm left to wonder if she passed as a few did since 2007 or did she simply stop singing in the chorus (doubtful).

YouTube Young at heart chorus. They are amazing. Evan loves the Cold play "fix you" rendition.

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  1. Sounds like a VERY impressive week! And time for naps is always nice :o)



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