Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well, back to reality.

I literally spent 6 hours in my classroom today freaking out over what to do now that myself and the kids are back. They return Thursday and today I got to restart everything (Literally). I no longer have a shared class, it's mine all mine and the other teacher took EVERYTHING off the walls. So......

I got creative.

I'll post some pictures up this weekend. (just realized I don't have my camera on me, sorry)

I also must commend teachers and all they do. Lesson planning is the pits and all I do is teach 4 years olds the ABC's and 123's for crying out loud. Well, that and Scripture...that's the easy part.

For all my non Texas pals out there....this week the highs are in the 30's here except for Thursday and Friday where they will be in the upper 20's and lows in the TEENS yeah, TEENS. We Texans don't mesh well with frigid cold.

I'm also starting the house hunt again, I can not stand it here anymore...Denton is home until Evan takes the journey to Grad school then maybe out of state for a year or two just to say we did it. Eithier way, this whole not having anyone here for friends and the commuting and all the in betweens is just reaffirming that God is setting us up a nice rent house in Denton so we can be with all our friends and family.

Nothing much to post today, sorry. I had a rough day with Avery yesterday...I was told she wouldn't be getting shots at her 1 year check up and guess who got 4 in a row followed by lab work...yeah, my sweet girl did and I didn't give her motrin beforehand...OIY! She napped hard but once she woke up her legs hurt so bad she just screamed and wanted to be held. *Insert tortured face here*

We also have to take her to see an Opthamalogist (sp?) for her eyes since we have noticed her shaking her head a lot and her Pedi thinks it might be double vision or blurred vision after she focuses on something...I'll take that over a vitamin issue any day.

Well, Back to Fort Worthless...


  1. Hello!?!?!? I live in Ft. Worthless too! Not 15 minutes away!

    Sorry that Avery girl had to get unexpected shots...boo hiss!

    I can't WAIT to see your classroom! I'm so proud :) :) :)

  2. Ft. Worthlessness?! I'd give anything to be there instead of Artic Blast KC! P.S. Arctic blast aside, please please please consider Kansas for Evan't grad school! ;o) And good luck with the kids. I bet YOUR classroom looks great!



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