Thursday, February 25, 2016

Over a Year Later...


Over a year later and I find myself sitting here looking at my sweet little blog and can't help but feel like I failed.

I never set out to make this blog into a big spectacle. Far from it in fact. For me, this blog was a sweet way to capture our family as a digital journal that family and friends could see as well. However, along the way it became something more combative than my original purpose. Suddenly, it lost it's focus and I would spend more time figuring out if my thoughts even mattered in print or not. Were my pictures good enough? Was the post worth reading?

It stopped being fun.

Then life got busy with two kiddos and other adventures and it got easier to just skip a post.

Then tonight I randomly remembered my login and started looking over the YEARS of memories and suddenly.....I felt sadness. I felt like I've let go of so many sweet memories, trips, photos, etc. that I could have written out and captured for the girls to forever see someday.

So here I am again, trying to come up with a clever post title, of the most recent events to share and for now.....this is it.

I've missed this sweet blog. I've missed reading some amazing friends posts. I've missed my small space on the world wide web where for the briefest of clicks and scrolls, my words mean something. Even if they are just to have safely tucked away for my girls to read as teenagers.

Hello sweet blog, I'm back.


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