Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Life and such....

I'm perfectly aware of how much I need to get it together in the blogger world. I swear, I have all these posts in my head and I sit back and think "Oh yeah! someone will read that." "That would be an awesome topic." but then I sit here and it becomes more "Here's my family and I doing mundane things."

So annoying. I miss when I seemed more relevant and posted more than once a month! Such is life, it's been wonderfully busy and I guess posting about my family is just the only focus I can give to the blog.

As I said, it's been busy for my sweet little family.

Avery left her old school after more than 1 incident that left Evan and I ready to go to war with the administrators. I feel like all these things that happened the first 5wks of school had to happen in order for us to find her new school because it is such a BLESSING. We are so happy with the entire campus and she was welcomed instantly and LOVES it there so much.

Alyssa is growing like a weed and is loving MDO. She is starting to be more vocal and you can understand her a lot better. She's so stinking cute with her sing song voice and manners. They had a Donuts with Dad a few weeks ago but daddy couldn't be there due to work, so Pawpa came instead and she had such a fun time with him!

As for Evan and I? Just work work and more work. Oh to be a kid again, right?!

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