Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time Flies!!!

Someone please remind me why I keep finding it impossible to believe Avery is a TODDLER.

I swear lately it's been sneaking up on me and I get these weird emotional moments just by watching her do mundane things. Odd, I know. I just find it hard to believe in 2 weeks she will be 18 months old. Thats almost 2!!

Some of my friends keep telling me it's my hearts way of telling me it's time for another baby, I say otherwise. Don't get me wrong, we intend to have more children but with Evan going back to school in the fall it's just better to be patient and pray he gets done in 3 semesters(God willing). I wish I could have my cake and eat it too so to speak since I am one of those weirdos who loved being pregnant and I also don't want our kids to be too spaced out but everything is in Gods control and you just can't miss the signs telling us things are about to change for the better and to just be patient.

Still....seems like yesterday she was born...
(The Munchy Munchkin hours old)

Then suddenly she was crawling and changing and then walking and getting teeth and again changing on us and it was all so foreign and new and scary at the same time!

( 1 years old!)

And Now......NOW....
She is a chatter box! She can say so many things, sign so many words, dance, sing and it's so fun figuring her out sometimes. She has the most unique personality and she cracks me up all the time. However, she also throws tantrums, calls me by my name, throws things, pinches and loves the words thank you and no. *sigh* You take what you can get with the good and the bad of Toddler-ness.

(Avery Claire at 17.5 months old)

I wish her hair would make up it's mind already. It's the perfect mullet right now but the color is still a mystery. Will she be red headed or brunette????

I just wish I could bottle up so many moments with her we share, I'm so worried I won't remember most of them which is a shame because if those memories had a price I would be ridiculously rich haha. I think that's where the emotions keep coming from. I'm so afraid she's growing up too fast, which I mean she is but I just don't like seeing her grow-up before my eyes so darn fast!!!

I know, all I ever do is talk about Avery. *sigh* Sorry.

I'll post a real update soon, for now though, bedtime!!

Britt & Co.

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  1. Awww that middle picture is the Avery I know and love. ALSO, Ross has 3 semesters left, too. We can be twinkies and have babies at the same time!



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