Saturday, July 18, 2009

Patience is a VIRTUE.

Now with Avery crawling I seem to be moving with her 24/7. The child has endless energy!!! On top of the new Crawling chapter in her cute and short lived life, she is learning (Thanks to her daddy) how to pull herself up against furniture or even as I nearly had a heart attack discovering tonight....her crib and bassinet!

Time to lower some rails....

She moves so much, I feel like I am constantly saying "No" and "Avery Claire, get yourself back in this direction." at least a million times over in a 12 hour day. The perk? She is going to bed about 30-45 minutes earlier now and sleeping through the night!

7 months old as of a few hours from now. How can this be? Why is it every 4 weeks when another month comes up I am still in as much shock as the last month? My baby is growing too fast to my liking, she'll be walking and talking soon!

She's discovered so much the past 2 weeks, she has a huge interest in the kittos and poor Gus, she chases after him all the time only to pull his tail, smack him in the face or to pull his fur. I'm trying to teach her how to be "Gentle with Gus Gus" but she just squeels when she gets her hands on him. He is so sweet and gentle with her through all this abuse, he usually cries out and tries to get away from her but he has never once let a claw or tooth near her. I think he is the only one who can relate to my tiredness at the end of the day when we both collapse on the bed side by side and tell ourselves repeatedly that Patience is a virtue.


  1. That has to be the cutest picture!! Haha...Harper is trying to sit up now on her own. It's so cute. They do grow up much, much too fast!!!

  2. This is adorable. Poor Gus! :-)

    Avery is so precious. When do I get to see her again??



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